Ep. 16: Catholics Aren’t Zombies – Hold Women Accountable on Abortions

This episode is a continuation of when I talked about holding women accountable (Episode 7) for the various obnoxious things they do. Nobody thinks women are genuinely culpable for abortion.

On the contrary, I believe they are virtually always guilty of first-degree murder when they get abortions.


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Catholics Aren’t Zombies


  1. blmaluso says:

    Mothers are accessories to the murder of their babies when they choose to abort. Abortion is not “ending” a pregnancy. The moment the baby is conceived, the woman becomes a mother. That is the truth that is being kept from them. Their “choice” is not whether or not to give birth, the “choice” is whether or not they will be a participant of the killing of their baby. Hard truth.

    Only conversion, confession and repentance will bring forgiveness and peace of mind and heart.

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    1. Chris Munier says:

      Well said. I wish we’d stop beating around the bush with the mental gymnastics and excuse making. We don’t have the guts to call out our “special snowflake princesses” on anything. It’s not good for them and it propogates murder.


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