Do You Know This Common Health Pitfall for Catholics and Traditional Conservatives?

What is the most common health pitfall for Catholics and Conservatives of our times?

Obesity? Inflammation? Brain Fog? Depression? Those are all good guesses.

It’s relationships and how they impact overall mental health. Yep, sex, relationships, marriage, and courtship. These ARE health issues and they must be addressed if you would ever have a fighting chance of fulfilling your vocation to serve God. This is to say that you would not be SPIRITUALLY HEALTHY without making sure your relationships followed God’s design for your life.

So, for Catholics, find out more about how to do get better at your relationships with each other (and God) by learning everything you can about their dynamics as well as how to understand traditional sex roles. Here’s a great 10-part video series on that topic by Timothy Gordon (Rules for Retrogrades):

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