My Favorite Coffee Comes From Mystic Monks!

I get my favorite coffee from MYSTIC MONKS (Carmelites) who live in a monastery in the wilderness of Wyoming.

A Tasty Combination: Monks, Caffeine, and Catholicism
St. Benedict called this “Ora et Labora,” prayer and work.
A link to another website from the Carmelite monks in ...

How cool is that?

This is NOT a paid ad, but because I’m so grateful for this terrific cup of coffee this morning, I have to let everybody else know about the Mystic Monks. You should check them out and give their coffee and tea a try. They taste fantastic. The monks even produce a decaf coffee called “Vespers.” Vespers refers to their evening prayer.
Get it? You do decaf in the evening.

God bless these men who have devoted their life to God and I thank them for terrific coffee too.

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