Your Elites Do Not Care About Your Health!

Your elites do not care about your health. We live in an era where Noblesse Oblige is dead and state-centered censorship is employed to keep you unhealthy.

The eminent physician, Dr. Joseph Mercola, has become yet another victim of this brutal, and, frankly, communist tactic. Now, in order to access his content you will have download it within 48 hours of him posting it. He’ll delete it after that amount of time to keep the censor commies off his tail. He has decided to do this with all of his content out of fear of reprisal.

Real science and medicine, for those of you still wondering, doesn’t work this way.

This is indicative of a sad and decrepit society where your elites do not care about your health. They only care about whether you purchase health supplies (poison, usually) from approved cronies.

You should listen to what Dr. Mercola has to say about his experiences with wicked forces such as the New York Slimes. It’s despicable . . .

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