Want to Live Forever?

If you want to live forever, and only in this crummy natural world, you must abide by its wicked technocracy. Transhumanism and technocracy go hand and hand.

This is God’s way of telling us to stop idolizing a long natural life; to live this life only as a preparation for worshipping Him forever in heaven.

By all means, learn the natural ways to become healthy, because a good body can energize a good spiritual life, but don’t allow that alone to force your eye off the prize. The prize is eternal salvation. It is not the pursuit of an endless natural life.

Do you really want to live forever? I hope not. It’s the epitome of hubris. The same blind pride led our ancestors to erect the Tower of Babel. God stifled and punished them for their pride.

Rest assured that he will do the same to the transhumanists and technocrats running wild today.

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