Book: Caesar Vacantism!

Caesar Vacantism: Rendering to Caesar When Caesar Goes Nuts (for Catholics)

This is a book about the illegitimacy (fakeness) of modern secular states and “authorities,” notably the American Empire, but also many other individuals and institutions masquerading as “Caesar.” Believe it or not, boys and girls, you don’t have to listen to every jabroni who walks around with “authority” printed on their t-shirt. Hijackers aren’t legitimate rulers.

Nota Bene: What you’ll find in these pages reflects my views before comprehending the Bergoglio Antipapacy. Therefore, it still refers to a “Pope Francis,” which has never existed. Like anyone else, my understanding of reality develops upon discovering new evidence. Also, I have a brief section on the potential for positive outcomes from the Trump regime. This was admittedly way too optimistic and naive on my part, especially with the subsequent “operation light speed” and Trump’s refusal to fire the loathsome Anthony Fauci (and others).

Amazon Description:
“Have you begun to wonder if our authority figures and experts have lost their minds? Does the thought “the emperor has no clothes” cross your mind a lot these days? Our authority figures not only disappoint, but they are downright despicable. We have entered into an age of “new normal” only to find out that normal is the new awful. There is even something called the “Deep State,” which we are stuck enduring. Things are an absolute mess! If this resonates with you, you’re not alone, don’t have to question your sanity, and I have some reassurance for you. You may recall the scripture passage, “Render to Caesar what belongs to Caesar; and to God, the things that are God’s.” We must ask ourselves, how does a Catholic (or any Christian) reconcile this with our current world, where every authority figure seems to have gone nuts? Find out how to obey this commandment from Our Lord, given all the craziness in our world, in this book.”

Here’s what a couple of reviewers have had to say about Caesar Vacantism:

“I particularly enjoyed the practical advice offered in the later chapters . . . Whether it was how to prepare financially, emotionally, or from a health perspective, and obviously spiritually, Chris lays out solid, succinct advice.”
-Verified Purchaser (Amazon)

“An excellent book, especially for Catholics and men-of-goodwill who are aware of the evil goings-on in politics, government, and the infiltration in the Catholic Church.”