Motu Proprio Against Pocket Mama

Some of you have probably been wondering if there would ever be a Motu Proprio to restrict the divisive and offensive usage of the Pocket Mama idol in Catholic parishes.

Good news! There is and I just found it! As a matter of fact, I found SEVERAL. Check out this thing called “the bible,” chock full of Motu Proprios!

4 Kings 23: 21-25. Here, one of the ancient Old Testament kings erected idols, was rebuked by God, but, by cooperating with Gods commandments, repented and was made anew. Good things happen to those who amend their lives. This king listened to God’s Motu Proprio and was rewarded.

3 Kings 16: 31-33. This king provoked the Lord more than ANY other king by erecting idols in the temple. God restricted him extensively in response. This king FAILED to heed God’s Motu Proprio to knock it off with his idolatry.

Exodus 32. Do you remember the story of the Golden Calf that the Hebrews had Aaron (Moses’ brother) make for them? Well, God had issued a very important Motu Proprio restricting the worship of idols (see the 1st Commandment), but, alas, the Hebrews thought it was better to ignore that one. For their efforts, God had them slain. The wages of sin are indeed death.

2 Corinthians 6: 16-18. Do you think Motu Proprios come exclusively from the Old Testament? Think again. St. Paul reminds us that we ourselves are temples for the Holy Spirit. We should not ignore this Motu Proprio by violating our personal temples with wicked idols. Be sure to thank St. Paul for this efficacious, east-to-read Motu Proprio. One way to screw this up would be to give too much love and affection to that Pocket Mama monstrosity.

So, there you have it. This is just a small samples of the HEAVY RESTRICTIONS God has placed on us with regards to the use of graven idols such as the Pocket Mama. Everybody should be obedient and rid the world of garbage like that immediately. Perhaps the Vatican would be at the vanguard of this.

Anything else would be . . . DIVISIVE & DISOBEDIENT!

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