Ecclesiasticus 9:18 – Keep Thee Far From The Man That Hath The Power To Kill

Holy Mother Church has seen fit to preserve in its canon the holy text of Ecclesiasticus (AKA, Sirach), whereas Protestants abandoned these holy scriptures inspired by God.

I invite you to consider Ecclesiasticus, Chapter 9, Verse 18: Keep thee far from the man that hath the power to kill, so thou shalt not suspect the fear of death.

Dear friends, these are pertinent words for our times. We will have to do as many saints of the past have done: resist the state. In particular, resist this communist, medical technocracy, which seeks to enslave and/or exterminate you. This is not trivial or negligible. The man that hath the power to kill is not hiding in his bunker. He is out on the hunt. I dare say he is under the influence of the evil one who is prowling about the world seeking souls to devour.

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