They Needed A Study To Tell You McDonald’s Food Is Awful

Yes, according to this Yahoo story (Yahoo News is where I get my most favorite junk news, which helps me keep an eye on worldly, mainstream silliness).

Marvelously, people couldn’t figure out that there are truckloads of disgusting chemicals cemented into fast food like McDonald’s and Taco Hell. How long has this been the case? There’s so many Frankenstein preservatives in McDonald’s that even the mold and worms won’t eat that stuff.

For that matter, McDonald’s own staff avoids this awful “food.”

I’m amazed at how they needed tons of academic inquiry to figure out that they have plastic chemicals in 80% of their products. We’ve known this for ages and it’s further proof that the FDA is more harmful than good when it allows this to continue in spite of it’s allegedly stringent controls.

Bonus: You might want to avoid most American cheap beer as well. Alcohol manufacturers (they’re not worthy of the title “brewers”) now load their “beer” with all sorts of GMO poison such as High-Fructose-Corn-Syrup, Yellow-5, and a litany of carcinogens. Now is as good a time as ever to be a beer snob. When in doubt, why not try a nice Catholic beer option like Spencer Trappist Ale? It’s made by real-life, holy monks!

Whatever you do, don’t put sludge and poison into your body. Ceasing the consumption of this corporate filth will make your journey toward physical and mental wellness exponentially easier.

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