Maxine Waters: “Respect The Chair And Shut Your Mouth!”

This is how Maxine Waters, the permanent Congress Empress from Los Angeles, speaks to her colleagues.

What might be even worse than that? How about her nauseous fawning over Anthony Fauci?

I could live with a little banter amongst the Congress critters. That can be terrific theater. It’s revolting, however, to hear this woman extol Fauci as a sage, miracle healer.

From the Yahoo Article:

Waters, a California Democrat and chair of the Financial Services Committee, told Fauci “I love you” after thanking the medical experts present at the hearing..

As you know, my sister was one who was infected and died from COVID-19, and all that I had to depend on was Dr. Fauci,” Waters said. “I would like to tell Dr. Fauci that you literally saved millions of folks who would only listen to your advice based on what was happening with the Trump administration.”

For one thing, what this doesn’t mention is that her sister was 86-years-old when she passed away last year (may God respose her soul). In what ways would Fauci (or Donald Trump for that matter) have anything to do with that happening or not? 86-years-old is a full life by anybody’s measure.

I know it’s said a bunch of time by now, but we have TOTALLY lost perspective on the end-of-life realities of the elderly.

Bigger problem: once again, we see that Fauci is granted aposteosis by these politicians, and, he relishes every minute of it. He loves the attention especially from political big wigs. I explained this more in-depth in my chapter on him in Caesar Vacantism, but it comes back to the problem we have with career technocrats being granted a proverbial “Divine Right of Bureaucrats” much like the old theory on the Divine RIght of Kings.

We have some nerve to wonder why the bureaucrats now dictate the terms on so many aspects of our lives.

At any rate . . .

Enough with Fauci (he’s had his job since 1984)
Enough with Maxine Waters (she’s been in Congress since 1990)
Enough with geriatric politicans/bureaucrats who seek attention like teenage girls.

It’s revolting to watch.

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