Fasting Kills Metabolic Disease

Don’t renounce the habit of fasting for 10 months just because Lent is finished. We must remain vigilant even during a celebratory season.

Some demons are only driven out through prayer and fasting. If only we understood that cancer is a metabolic disease, NOT a genetic one. Then we would explore the efficacy of fasting and its capability of obliterating the warped mitochondria responsible for cancer.

When it comes to cancer cells, starve the bastards. Fasting will accomplish this. If you don’t eat, they don’t eat. If they don’t eat, they die. This is your best bet.

40 days . . .40 nights.

Fasting: It’s how you defeat 1) Type II Diabetes, 2) Cancer, 3) Obesity, 4) Inflammation, 5) Servitude to One’s Passions and Appetites

St. Moses . . . ora pro nobis.
St. John the Baptist . . . ora pro nobis.
Most Merciful Jesus, tempted in the desert . . . miserere nobis.

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