Americans Finally Abandoning Job Security for Freedom?

Americans might be waking up, smelling the coffee, and exiting their crummy jobs where they work for socialist bastards.

Maybe everybody read my post from the other day, where I advised people to be like St. Joseph and embrace the end of job security.

This appears to be the case even for people with salaries north of $40,000, as one Yahoo article indicates.

Dave Ramsey and his partner Ken Coleman talk about how people may be reaching their boiling point when it comes to tolerating soul-sucking jobs. They blame the possibility of a “great resignation” on companies that have failed to attempt to instill any sense of agency into their workers.

Why 40% of Americans Are About to Quit Their Jobs ...
Folks are primed and ready to quit their soul-less jobs.

In other words, friends, if you’re still in love with the “9-to-5” and working for a Fortune 500, then you’re behind the power curve. A growing minority of us are ready to leave the “Office Space” forever.

Deus vult!

Ditch your job.
Ditch the false Caesars of the corporate world.
Ditch useless commuting.
Ditch office politics.
Ditch the state.

Love a meaningful life. Love Holy Church.

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