Would Anybody Like to Meet a Real Health Expert?

How would you like to meet a real health expert?

Are you tired of the medical tyrants who seem to get everything wrong all the time?

A Doctor Deserving of the Title

Well, then I encourage you to visit the website of the guy who gives me most of my health advice, the esteemed Dr. Joseph Mercola.

Dr. Mercola doesn’t spend all of his time on the fear campaigns (virus paranoia) or insist that the solution to every ailment involves drugs, surgeries, and intrusive “therapies.”

I know that I have a lot of followers who are interested in health topics. I want to speak directly to such followers right now: CHECK OUT DR. MERCOLA.

We can say all we want about mastering things like Keto, vitamins, exercise, and nutrition. That’s all well and good. Dr. Mercola does all this and he provides a lot of credibility as a legitimate physician (unlike the Faucis of the world).

Legitimate Expertise

You guys know that I’m no fan of false experts and so-called “medical authorities.

Dr. Mercola is one of the rare experts I trust. This is because I’ve read his material, put it through my own rigorous testing, and seen positive results. This includes everything from Keto, dieting with lots of saturated fats, supplementing with Vitamin D and other super vitamins, avoiding the Standard American Diet, as well as physical fitness strategies.

Mercola is a genius and one of the ways you know that is because he has earned the contempt of all the right enemies. The Faucis of the world (“health experts” who never solve problems and scare everybody) have really hammered Mercola with censorship over the past year. You can read the latest on that here. The point is this: you can be confident his approach and advice are solid because the establishment fears him as competition against their insidious, sickening, depopulating agendas.

I promise you that I’m only scratching the surface. Do yourself a big favor and check out the great medical/health contributions of Dr. Joseph Mercola.

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