The World Ditched Holy Church; Received Chastisement and Genocide

You must have seen how awful the forces have darkness have rendered our current world.

A once united Christendom turned its back on Holy Church because it preferred an “enlightenment,” a secular world where man conceives every notion of truth and philosophy by himself. He procures his own blessings, which need not emanate from God.

What a bunch of hubris.

Remembering the ugly schismatic events like the East-West schism, the Protestant Reformation, and the age of so-called Enlightenment, Christendom has been galvanized into what you see today. Calling it a dumpster fire would be letting it off the hook with too much lenience.

Slowly but surely, each monarchy in western civilization, all of which were Catholic at one point, abandoned Holy Church, and either instituted its own brand of Christianity (Lutheran Germany), submitted all religion to the will of the monarch (Henry VII’s England), or decided to wallow in its own decadent filth (18th Century France). Now all these places, and more, are secular, socialist, SJW, Hell Holes. Don’t believe me. Check out the litany of riot/protest videos/images available at the click of a mouse.

Civil Unrest in France | CarolinaFirearmsForum
This is a recent image of French civil unrest. Perhaps the apologists for this might call it “a little fiery, but mostly peaceful.”

So, you might be thinking, “so what?” Those places made their beds. They can sleep in them. Leave the rest of us alone.

There is just one problem. Those Catholic monarchies were the glue that held the entire world together, just as the blood of Christ sustains the eternal covenant.

The rest of the world has GONE TO POT as a result of the disintegration of Christendom and the old Catholic monarchies, and it shows, given the mass genocide and misery the old colonies have endured in recent decades.

Look at Southeast Asia and Central Africa. While I’m bullish on the future of Central Africa (Rwanda, Tanzania, etc.), we can’t ignore the fact that everything went up into a heap of flames during the 20th century . . . right after their host countries disavowed the last vestiges of religion and nationalism. When France, Britain, Belgium, etc. adorned themselves with secularism and modernism, they relinquished their colonies, which left a vacuum, then the Rwandas and Vietnams of the world experienced horrific genocides. Depending on which one, those places suffered a lost of hundreds of thousands up to tens of millions of souls due to rampant violence.

Ghastly images from the Rwandan genocide.

Our eastern friends, those who schism-ed long ago, didn’t fair much better in the 20th century. The Soviet Union sustained the most WWII casualties by far (after receiving the brunt of WWI as well). Poor Belarus lost a quarter of its population.

I could continue with so many examples of how miserable things have been since the progressive abandonment of Holy Mother Church, but I’ll let this suffice. The point should be very clear. Just as it was for the Hebrews in the Old Testament, the world always suffers war, famine, and devastation when it turns away from God and His covenant. We must learn our lesson about the consequences of secular statism. The One, Holy, Catholic, & Apostolic Church . . . created by God Himself is the sole antidote for these evils that were predicted well in advance.

So . . . as I always say . . .

Ditch the State! Love Holy Church!

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