Keto Diet Tips for Catholics

Would anybody like Keto Diet tips for Catholics?

Catholics (or anybody else) seeking to get lean might be interested in the Keto diet.

Congratulations, this is a topic (Keto), that occupies no less than 500,000,000,000,000,000,000 articles on the Internet. Every dude bro, tom-dick-and-harry flaps their gums about Keto.

There is an abundance of information on Keto available, so I’ll keep my advice simple. Also, I assume you already know the Keto basics.

Catholics should do the following if they want to employ the Keto Diet and lose weight.

  1. Church Tradition – Fast on Friday. It used to be mandatory that Catholics were required to abstain from meat on Friday. “Oh no! How could we do Keto with that? We need meat to do Keto.” No, you don’t. You need to take a day off from calories, mortify your flesh in remembrance of Our Lord’s passion, which will simultaneously allow your digestive system to play catch-up and burn fat. I do this EVERY Friday. Trust me, it works . . . as long as you don’t replace meat with crummy foods. Friday is a chance to do low-calorie Keto with lots of eggs (drink them raw from a glass), tablespoons of coconut oil, and maybe some good gourmet coffee for a laxative effect (I get my coffee from Carmelite monks in Wyoming, btw).
  2. Sunday as a Cheat Day? I don’t mind if Catholics take a cheat day from Keto every now and then. We feast in the Catholic Church, especially on Sundays, to celebrate the Resurrection of Our Lord and His victory at Calvary. So, eat something nice. It’s also fitting that this falls on Sunday and allows you to relax a bit after hardcore Keto-ing the rest of the week. Anybody who can endure a tough fast on Friday (the penitential day), should follow up with a corresponding re-carb on glorious Sunday.
  3. Just Don’t Go Nuts on Your Cheat Day. I’ve personally gotten to where I don’t consume much sugar at all, even on a cheat day or cheat meal. This is a good life hack, but a psychological chasm for most people. I would try to avoid the really sweet stuff unless it’s Christmas or Easter (special exceptions are fine). You will notice the difference in terms of digestive health. Bottom Line – resist the urge to eat 6,000 calories of crap on a cheat day.
  4. Yes, You Better Eat a Lot of Saturated Fat. If there is anybody out there who is still peddling the anti-saturated-fat diatribe, I hope you know not to listen to them. They’re operating under a corrupted nutrition paradigm that would have you believe eating eggs will kill you. They won’t. I usually eat eight eggs per day. You need saturated fats. Fats don’t make you fat. Sugar and bad carbs make you fat. According to the eminent doctor, Joseph Mercola, fat might be the most important ingredient for saving your life. Enjoy fat. It’s good for you.

Also, if you want workout tips, check out my popular (and free) beginner workout program. I give away way too much stuff for free. I must be getting soft or something.

Only this guy gives you more free stuff. Difference: I won’t hurt you with gas balloons.

Either way, Deus Vult!

Ditch the FLAB! Love Holy Church!

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