Ditch 4th of July, Love Holy Church!

I’ve noticed a great many folks have reached the conclusion that 4th of July, the perennial celebration of independence, has become a flavorless salt of of a holiday. Fewer and fewer people take it seriously.

LewRockwell.com columnist, Paul Craig Roberts, warns that today’s 4th of July celebration may be the LAST ONE.

I’ll not weigh in on that other than to say it wouldn’t surprise me.

I will, however, say: good riddance.

The American experiment is clearly finished. As I’ve detailed in my book, Caesar Vacantism, we cannot, without extreme jest, consider ourselves to be a legitimate country, a non-communist country, or anything resembling a “free country” any longer.

If that’s the case, why bother celebrating something like July 4th? Isn’t that just a perfunctory exhibition, an excuse to “fire up the grill” for no substantive reason other than ephemeral pleasure?

No, we’re wasting our time with halfhearted attempts to simulate or reinvigorate patriotism. We have a better chance of using the shock paddles on somebody whose heart stopped beating a month ago.

My suggestion: ditch the stupid July 4th “LARPING” and focus your energy elsewhere. Secular holidays are absurd at face value anyway. How in blazes do you get a “holy day” out of something secular? It’s a contradiction in terms and a farce.

Focus our energy on what? Well, it’s a blog about choosing the Church and God over the crummy, soul-less state. It would make sense to start there for an alternative. This year, 4th of July falls on a Sunday. If you feel so compelled to celebrate a false sense of independence, why don’t you exercise your right as a free person to worship God? I can’t imagine how it’s possible for allegedly free people to have fallen for the virus ruse so much that they surrendered the right to worship God in public.

Go to Mass! If you’re not Catholic, go anyway, because then you can work on becoming Catholic. You can learn that Christ’s bride, the Church, isn’t just about gay dudes in red/purple outfits. It’s the mystical body of Christ, protected by the Holy Spirit, endowed with the permanent, unassailable, and unwavering teaching authority handed down by God. The teaching authority IS NOT the awful heresies of some of its clerical members. It’s not just “whatever the Pope feels like.” It’s a lot more. I invite you to delve into that more yourself. I can say a lot about it, but you would never fully get it until you took your own initiative to investigate and learn for yourself as well.

Bottom Line: Don’t waste brain power on trying to salvage meaning from 4th of July. It’s gone the way of the Dodo in terms of societal significance. Spend time growing with your family, seek out God, worship God in public no matter what the various bastards say, and don’t apologize to any of those rotten fools who are addicted to Satan.

Deus Vult!

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