Will Germs Kill You?

Will Germs Kill You?

Yes, if it’s your time to go and God calls your number.
Yes, if you choose to do nothing about them and allow them carte blanche on your body.

But . . . it’s not a fait accompli by any means. I encourage everybody to check out this encouraging article by Dr. Bill Sardi, from LewRockwell.com. He reinforces the efficacy of the human immune system.

I’ve told so many people this stuff as well: you have to proliferate your immune system by a) getting the right vitamins (especially D, Magnesium, and Omega-3), b) exercising effectively, c) eating whole foods (eggs, baby!), d) sleeping and relaxing every day, e) avoiding toxic substances, which includes most of what you get from the medical-industrial complex.

Also, don’t hide in your house. Go outside and get some sunlight. Don’t cover your beautiful face with face panties. Get some UV-rays on it (not a sunburn though).

Germs will not kill you if you utilize and bolster your God-given immune system.

Fr. James Altman reminds us that God gave us a brain, let us use it.

I say that God gave us an immune system . . . What do you think we ought to do with it?

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