The Same Squishy Republicans Push for the Vaccine

You can set your watch to the way certain squishy Republicans behave and how quickly they cave into the mandates of the Left.

This never applies to the Rand Paul’s or Thomas Massey’s of the world. It ALWAYS applies to Senator Mitch McConnell and others like the Governor of Alabama, Kay Ivey. They’ll take the right stand on a position . . . for about five minutes until they get pressured out of it by political forces. The same can be said of the “conservative” media outlets like Faux News.

For a great of example of that cowardice, see this article where the same group of squishy Republicans are caving into the vaccine hegemony.

Don’t fall for it, folks. In fact, as I see all my political enemies line up on the side of vaccines, face panties, and tyranny, I’m all the more confident that my positions are correct.

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