Cheap Food Costs More In The Long Haul

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: one of the most dangerous things you can do is to be “penny wise and pound foolish.”

Cheap Food Slowly Kills You

If you cheap out on food, you will pay for it in the long haul. Seer this concept into your mind. So many people operate under the misconception that healthy food (real food) is super expensive.

I’m not telling you that your only hope for good food is to spend a fortune at the most expensive grocery stores (i.e., Fresh Market), but you better make wise investments into your health.

That 50 cents or so that you save using poisonous canola/vegetable/sunflower/soybean oil will REALLY come back to haunt you. The same goes for all the drinks that you insist on sweetening with sugar, aspartame, high-fructose corn syrup, sucralose, and every other revolting concoction.

It’s tragic to choose those rotten franken-chemicals to grease your pan instead of the much healthier coconut oil, olive oil, avocado oil, or butter. It’s horrible to see folks opt for processed food crammed in a box, potato chips, and “low fat” food, as opposed to the real food your ancestors would have eaten not too long ago. The immediate dollar savings are minuscule compared with the future doctor visits you’ll have to endure sooner or later.

You ought to see how this stuff is made. It’s basically the byproduct of farming and something for which they have no better purpose. It gets dumped on you because you’ll take anything if it’s cheap (especially if it’s addictive).

This problem even permeates into the beer market. If you don’t believe me, check out what really goes into the cheaper (usually American) brands of beer.

Hidden Ingredients in Beer | Food babe, Gmo corn, Beer company
You must be a beer snob these days. If for no other reason, but to avoid all the damn corn they insist on using in your favorite American beers. Light beer is low on taste; high on poison.

Inflation Will Make Folks Desperate

I don’t yet know whether the shortages of cheap crap produced domestically or from China will convince people to purge themselves of the dependence on cheap products, dietary or otherwise. We might speculate that consumers will eventually adjust and resume eating properly prepared whole foods like we did decades earlier. This is difficult to predict though.

I suspect healthy foods like produce and quality meat products will suffer from inflationary increases like everything else. However, in the meantime, those items might still be affordable as people desperately cling to their fast food addictions. It could take a very long time for people to make the adjustment; they’ll probably go kicking and screaming. That is, at least until the crummy restaurants close for good.

We know that God transforms evil into good, and it may become the case that inflation and desperation finally force people away from the addictive franken-chemicalled foods, but only time will tell.

In the interim, smart minds will recognize the sinking ship of cheap food and paddle away toward healthy saturated fats, limited amounts of clean carbs, and good protein. Maybe folks will finally come to grips with reality and hop onto the Paleo Diet. They have only their inflammation, misery, cabinet full of maintenance medications, foggy mindedness, and depression to lose.

Oh, and as usual, don’t count on your elites to bail you out on this kind of problem either.


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