Depravity of the Baby Formula Shortage

So, I think we can draw one of either two conclusions about the baby formula shortage. 1) It’s part of the radical depopulation agenda, or 2) We apparently need to starve people (including infants) to address more pressing concerns regarding Russia.

Of course, I would like not to have to surmise such grim conclusions about other people, but they leave little alternative. Ron Paul explains this problem perfectly once again: government regulation, which protects businesses rather than consumers, has led to an artificial shortage in formula. That means the problem didn’t have to happen. Thankfully, his son, Rand Paul, is trying to do something about it, but he’s one guy out of several dozen Senate sociopaths.

While we’ve sheepishly decided to “accept” empty shelves for normal food items, it’s far more incredible to see the apathy towards this problem with baby formula.

Corrupt Elites: The Perennial Culprit for Everything

I’ve mentioned before in my book, Caesar Vacantism, that government regulations were NEVER designed to protect the little guy or the disenfranchised. My specific regulatory examples were the FDA and USDA, the ugly bureaucracies that emanated from the Pure Food & Drug Act. While the FDA doesn’t officially make a final judgment on baby formula, they do have an important purview.

Here we see, yet again, that when there’s a financial, political, or ideological incentive for the elites, these regulatory agencies will rule in their favor. That’s because they were designed to do so from the very start (at the turn of the 20th century). Since there are political motives for starving infants, such as Bill Gates’ experimental slime formula, the bureaucracies can’t wait to roll over dead and allow for a huge shortage.

This is not your guardian-variety corruption, however. The formula debacle involves our most innocent members of society, infants. Yet, we cannot park the greed, fraud, or fixation on Russia, even momentarily, to address a problem that threatens infant starvation.

I know this is a trite question these days, but how far have we fallen as a society? I don’t think civil war even really comes close to explaining the chasm between external manifestations of good and evil nowadays. If we can’t set aside political ideology (which our enemies, the left, treat as religion) for something like infant starvation, then there is positively no hope for reconciliation.

At any rate, if we get out of this mess with any semblance of society still intact, never again should anybody spend a drop of energy debating the virtues of “regulating the economy.”

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