What Heals The Mind, Body, & Soul?

How do you achieve the triple crown of health: optimal conditioning of the mind, body, and soul?

That’s quite a puzzler for many these days. I think at this point it’s not even necessary to spend long periods of time expounding upon all the evidence of bad mental, physical, and spiritual health in Western Civilization.

While I can also go through litanies of solutions to these problems . . .

  • Keto Diet and Fasting for weight loss
  • Meditation for mental stress
  • Avoiding crummy foods, toxic medications, and chemicals

. . . ultimately, we find only ONE cure for every problem, every ailment that afflicts mind, body, and soul. What is it?

It’s God. It’s God, and it always has been. He’s been waiting lo, these many years for us to stop with all the self-help obsessions and quick fixes. He’s been waiting for us to return to him, to be cleansed in the blood of the lamb through confession as well as the other Sacraments.

Learn About God’s Healing Power

You don’t need to believe me. Check out this selection from Church Militant’s spotlight video: Sick Soul. After you do that, ask yourself if you really think you’re going to find better results consulting some self-help guru, somebody that wants to peddle a $2,000 course to you, or even a PSCYHOtherapist.

Nope, God is the key. God, through his Catholic Church, is the only who can heal us at this point. We’ll never get past this culture of purple-haired, shaved-headed snowflakes or diabolical narcissists without His help.

We have to ask for help and be willing to rectify our lives. Those are two difficult conditions for a lot of people, but other than that, it’s free. There’s no gimmick, no scam, no “catchy CTA,” no 30-minute info-session, none of that.

God has exactly one Call to Action: Pick up your cross and follow Me.

P.S. While I was searching for a good image for this post, I searched for things like “healing the soul.” Overwhelmingly, the image results involve Yoga, Reiki, and other New Age wickedness (a whole bunch of girls sitting in the stupid Lotus position).

I adjure you to avoid this evil. It’s worse than snake oil. It’s diabolical. Please don’t fall for pagan, witchy solutions, as they will only make your life worse on every level.

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