Two High Priests: One Legit; The Other a Government-Installed Hack

Have you ever wondered why, in the Holy Gospels, there is mention of two high priests: Annas and Caiaphas?

This contradicts the establishment of the office of High Priest, found in the Book of Exodus, Chapter 28. Towards the end of that book, God reveals his initial covenant, made with Moses, including sacrifices offered by ONE priest. This is the ONLY priest ever allowed to enter the Holy of Holies, once each year, confirmed in the New Testament by St. Paul (Hebrews 9:6-7). It’s similar to how we need one priest alone to offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass nowadays.

Yet, somehow, things ran afoul, and the Jews arrived with TWO high priests during the time of Our Lord’s ministry. Historians explain how one of the high priests, Caiaphas, was a bogus appointee from the Roman government, whereas true Jewish loyalty remained with the rightful High Priest, Annas.

This created two claimants to what we might term “The Throne of Aaron,” since it was the Aaronic priesthood from Exodus. However, only one of them could hold the office, making the other, by the letter of the law, a veritable Anti-High Priest. From a Catholic perspective, neither of these men would have a legitimate successor since the resurrection of Jesus Christ made all things new, and ended the old covenant. God gave his only begotten son as the new and eternal high priest, found visibly on earth through his vicar, St. Peter and his successors.

Thankfully, this high priest schizophrenia would never happen again, allowing us to never again worry about such pastoral chaos.

Well, until . . . 

. . . the exact thing happened again during the reign of Pope Benedict XVI with the takeover of Antipope Bergoglio.

As we commemorate the 10-year dumpster fire of the “Francis Pontificate,” we have substantial evidence that secular forces have yet again installed a fake high priest – Jorge Bergoglio. Perhaps you’ve heard the news of how the FBI and other government agencies are spying on traditional Catholics. It’s no longer a conspiracy; the cat is out of the bag. Frankly, we’ve known since the WikiLeaks scandal, that the Deep State probably coerced Pope Benedict to resign.

Of course, just like the shoving aside of the High Priest Annas, such a resignation is totally invalid, which renders Bergoglio’s putative papacy null and void. Although the Church authorities (bishops and cardinals) refuse to do anything about it, that doesn’t make it any less true. Facts and evidence do not depend on the affirmation of an ecclesial body. Bergoglio, the obvious NWO hack, and veritable Caiaphas of our times, is not the pope for a slew of reasons I’ve outlined previously

The bad news is this will not be resolved by ordinary ecclesial measures since the Church hierarchy is corrupt and universally black-mailable. Imagine how hopeless many of the upright Jews felt about their shepherds (the brood of vipers) right before the arrival of the messiah. We’re in arguably much worse trouble with an antipope who marvels at everything pagan, cooperates with the global communists, covers for pedophiles, and simply doesn’t believe in Catholicism.

Why is all of this happening? You might think “I didn’t sign up for this.”

Ah, but you and I were built for these times by the will of the Holy Spirit. We also can’t say we don’t deserve the confusion, given our multitude of sins.

Fortunately, Our Lord’s passion brought an end to the horrible dual-priesthood of Annas and Caiaphas. Today’s bizarre ecclesiastical circumstances are fertile ground for another renewal.

Let us direct our attention to an important theme of our time: the passion, death, and eventual resurrection of the Catholic Church. It’s been prophesied that Holy Mother the Church would endure Her passion just as Our Lord did. Certainly, if this is true, as the servant is not greater than the master, we should expect to see parallels between the Church’s suffering and that of Jesus Christ.

Recall how it was the wicked “high priest,” Caiaphas, who was actually the one to order Our Lord’s execution (John 18:13-14), after Annas declined to do so. Will this be how it goes in our time under the horrible Vicar of Communism, Antipope Bergoglio? Perhaps he’ll be the one to hit the kill switch on the Catholic Church, completing its horrific death after a long and bloody passion of modernism.

Yes, the Church, which cannot befall the gates of Hell will resurrect, like Jesus Christ, but like Him, She must die first. Those of us who consecrate ourselves to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, get to follow in Our Lady’s footsteps, and sorrowfully watch it occur.

It looks as though the Church’s passion is already happening as Pope Benedict, the last living pope, is no longer with us after almost 10 years of “emeritus” imprisonment. Meanwhile, the Bergoglio Administration continues to scourge the Church with idol worship and attempts to extinguish the ancient Latin Mass. He does this while permitting every manner of liturgical travesty, well beyond the pale of ordinary abuse.

Yes, like his spiritual ancestor, Caiaphas, Antipope Bergoglio is ecstatic to serve his freemasonic masters (Soros, Clinton, Schwab, and the other Great Resetters), and crucify Holy Mother Church.

Do you still believe it “doesn’t matter who’s the pope”?

God did not create His high priesthood (in neither the old nor new covenants) to become bifurcated or spiritually murderous. To suggest otherwise would imply a malevolent God, a heretical and blasphemous notion. If you don’t make yourself aware of these problems, however, you won’t comprehend or cope with the death of the Church, brought about by a man you believe to be the pope.

Nevertheless, don’t despair, because the Church’s death will, like Our Lord’s, finish with the glory of resurrection. Let this be a clarion call to return to true, traditional Catholicism and reconcile ourselves with God, like the apostles did after denying Him. The alternative is to allow ourselves to be scandalized by a bogus antipope, and risk apostatizing like Judas Iscariot.

Therefore, I recommend learning more about the antipope topic, meditating on it, asking God for guidance before the Blessed Sacrament, and detaching oneself from all worldly things. It’s all of those secular attachments that dull our spiritual receptors, making us oblivious to Bergoglio’s non-Catholic, pagan-worshipping, communist, sodomite-protecting antipapacy, and whatever wickedness awaits us next.

You must comprehend this problem. Otherwise, you’ll be a sitting duck for the anti-church’s coming attractions, including aliens, sodomite marriages, changing the words of consecration at Mass, and merging with other religions. Avoid these abominable simulacra regardless of whether Bergoglio inflicts them directly or piggybacks off of the Great Resetters when they perpetrate them. Meanwhile, cleave to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, tell everyone else about the antipapacy, and resist all forthcoming evil.

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