The Saints Weren’t Nice to Fags

Perhaps we haven’t had a strong polemic against the evil of sodomy lately.

Let us pre-empt the horrific commemoration of Gay Slime Month (every June, alas) with a quick reminder of why we don’t just “be nice to the fags” or “live and let live.” Today’s Church hierarchy, many of themselves fags (no longer even a thinly veiled secret) would have you believe we must accompany folks who are addicted to deviant, pseudo-sexual behavior. 

That’s code for “we need new members.” Sodomites/fags are veritable vampires, who depend on consuming new victims to sustain their lives and expand their membership. While the natural and sustainable way to propagate society is through human reproduction, sodomites must sustain their vile lifestyle by ensnaring normal folks and converting the innocent.

They’re like inverse evangelists. Unlike, Jesus Christ, who sacrificed all of His precious blood to save others, vampire fags destroy the souls and consume the lifeblood of others to survive and bolster vile their ranks.

To prove I’m not just going out on a limb with this, I invite you to read from several saints who were every bit as vehement (and more).

Caveat Lector: Some of these quotations and references will be easier to verify if you query with search engines other than Google. That technological terror has a tendency to censor or bury pages that address the sodomy topic unfavorably. This is no doubt because Google itself is overwhelmed with adherents to that wretched practice.

  • St. Patrick – Driving out the “Snakes”
    • One of the most popular St. Patrick’s stories involves him driving all the snakes off the Irish island. It’s a delightful example of Catholic heroics, but people rarely notice the metaphor: that snakes probably referred to pagan sodomites! That’s what he chased off the island.
    • Of course, on a natural level, it’s important to remember that Ireland was far too cold for literal snakes, so for this example to make sense, you must plunder deeper into its significance. Plus, if you’re evangelizing with this story, you’ll run into trouble convincing the “where’s my science” crowd that he could have chased away reptiles from a cool island climate.
    • That’s the key, however. Snakes and other reptiles have always been symbolic of demons and horrific sins. St. Theresa of Avila referred to demons as reptiles in her writing. It was also a snake that tempted Eve in the Garden of Eden.
    • I’m open to the explanation that the snakes were a metaphor for demons or pagans, but there’s a solid chance it referred to sodomy. After all, among pagan civilizations, faggy behavior, especially pederasty, is a ubiquitous pastime.
    • So, you can either victimize yourself to the world’s “myth busters” by perpetuating the narrative of “literal snakes,” or acknowledge that it was code talk for fags, demons, and/or paganism.
  • St. Bonaventure & St. Jerome – Our Lord’s nativity killed the fags!
    • St. Jerome and St. Bonaventure are doctors of the universal Church from different eras. Both asserted that the arrival of Jesus Christ was enough to eliminate every sodomite walking the earth. That’s because they could not coexist with the eternal light of His Majesty’s presence.
    • St. Jerome gives this topic further treatment in his book, Against Jovinianus. There he mentions how Sodom & Gomorrah could have atoned for their sins, had they assumed a regimen of fasting to drive out demons of impurity, including the vice of sodomy. This illustrates how common it is for a soft and prosperous society to become decadent, refuse to do penance, and thus expose themselves to horrible sins like sodomy. Thankfully, however, we know the remedy, something we should do to address a multitude of sins during Lent . . . fasting!
  • St. Peter Damian – Most Vehement Anti-Fag Church Doctor
    • St. Peter Damian’s Book of Gomorrah, a graphic letter to the pope, delineates the genuine nature of sodomy.
    • Sodomy = “sexual” acts that are non-procreative, including male-on-male penetrations, masturbation (solo or mutual), and achieving climax by stimulating the male member between the thighs. You may also see it defined as “non-coital copulation” in modern dictionaries. Some of these acts man commits by himself, with women, and most especially with other men.
    • St. Peter Damian even rebukes the clerics/prelates of his day who also lusted after quadrupeds (i.e., goats and other farm animals). His conclusion was that the sin was so horrific, unlike other sins, we would be obliged to expose it to the world if we knew a priest was involved in such perversity.
    • On a final note, I wonder what St. Peter Damian would say if he were around today. What, for example, would he make of the trannies and their “chest feeding?”
  • St. Catherine of Siena – Visions from Our Lord condemning sodomy.
    • The sin that cries out to heaven for vengeance is also repugnant to our greatest enemies, those spirits prowling about the world in search of souls to devour. One of the most celebrated Church mystics, St. Catherine of Siena, enjoyed the privilege of speaking directly to God regarding the horrors of the fags and their “love.” 
    • His words, according to St. Catherine: “(sodomy) not only causes Me nausea, but is disgusting even to the Devils themselves whom these depraved creatures have chosen as their lords.”
    • You can read even lengthier quotations like that in this edifying article on the topic (written, alas, by a fallen-away Catholic).
  • St. Bernardine of Siena – Consistent opponent of sodomy.
    • In a discussion on how Hell is worse for some more than others, he had this to say about sodomy: “He who lived with this vice of sodomy suffers more than another, for this is the greatest sin.”
  • St. Paul – Yes, the bible condemns faggotry.
    • In Ephesians 5, just eight or nine verses before he tells women to be subject to their husbands, he exhorts us to not even mention this horrible sin. Alas, in 2023, in a world that celebrates “gay pride,” we’re stuck dealing with it since it’s in our faces without cessation. Nobody can go to work, attend university, public school (God forbid), or go much anywhere else without being inundated with faggotry. This is especially true during Gay Slime Month in June.
    • Furthermore, St. Paul rebukes men and women who lust after one another, right off the bat, in one of his longest letters, the Epistle to the Romans (Chapter 1:26). Although you can tell the Church fathers and doctors, aside from Peter Damian, are hesitant to discuss the horrific sin in vivid detail, they have nonetheless condemned it repeatedly throughout the ages.
  • Genesis 19 (Sodom & Gomorrah) – The original example.
    • Some modernist commentators would have you believe that the Sodom & Gomorrah episode has to do with a lack of “hospitality.” While in a certain sense this is correct, and the Church doctors applaud Lot’s hospitality toward the two men (angels), this is not the entire story.
    • How do we know this? Because Lot effectively offered to prostitute his daughters. Why would he need to take such action against the “inhospitable” heathens if there wasn’t a faggy sexual element he was trying to placate? If it was something non-sexual, pertaining to courtesy alone, he could have offered himself for such a task.
    • Yet, that’s not how it worked, and it’s because he was dealing with a completely demon-possessed zombie horde. It’s easy to see why we use “fag” and “SODOMite” interchangeably.

Finally, as a closing note, we should remember that today’s terminology: homosexual, transexual, transvestite, and other terms that even sound hideous, are all rather recent novelties. The magisterium and saints throughout the ages didn’t use such gibberish as euphemisms for sodomy.

It wasn’t until the latter 19th century, that the Germans invented terms like “homosexual,” ultimately to cajole society with pseudo-scientific and clinical justifications. If you feel compelled, you can learn more about faggy German psychiatry and academia in the book, The Pink Swastika.

I, however, propose we reject modern lingo and parlance just as we would all other PC blather. Don’t let the perverts steer the dialogue even if it’s popular in the media, academia, films, music, and polite society.

Call a spade a spade – and a fag a fag.

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