Chris Munier’s Writing Portfolio

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Below are a few of my writing samples. Some of these I’ve had published as a ghostwriter for marketing firms. The last one is a piece from my blog.

Why Should You Get A Hearing Assessment?
This is a blog post (ghost-written) for a hearing clinic, Coastal Hearing Care.

How To Choose the Right Lawyer
The attorney, Kenneth J. Nota, operates a private practice in Sarasota, Florida. I’ve written several blog posts like this one on business law topics.

5 Common Employment Laws in the U.S.
I wrote this post for the attorney, Rowdy Meeks, explaining some of the landmark legislative acts in American employment law.

The Process for Installing Residential Siding
For this client, a siding company in Kansas City, I took a quick interview and extrapolated it into a full blog post. This explains how a construction crew installs home siding.

Why Is Fiber Cement Siding the Best?
This is one of 10 blog posts I did for another siding company (in Chicago). It refers to a popular siding material, fiber cement, that you’ll often find on more expensive homes.

Junky Foods While Abstaining From Meat? (PERSONAL BLOG POST)
Catholics who abstain from meat (in observance of the Friday tradition) need to be aware of how bad it is to replace meat with junk food. It’s very hard to call it “penitential” when you swap meat for chocolate ice cream.