Blaspheming Against Mary = Blaspheming Against the Glorious Creativity of God

The Blessed Virgin Mary gave instructions to Sister Lucia, in 1925, to spread the word of a new devotion for reparation against her Immaculate Heart: The Five First Saturdays.

Catholics are to attend Mass for the first Saturday of the month, five times in a row, to make atonement for the following blasphemies against Our Lady:

1) Blasphemies against her Immaculate Conception
2) Blasphemies against her perpetual virginity
3) Blasphemies against her divine maternity (Theotokos)
4) Instilling disdain for the Immaculate Mother in the hearts of children
5) Defacing images of Our Lady

Let’s examine the outrage of that first one. Notice what’s really happening there. While these blasphemies are all really a blasphemy against God, the first one is a particularly outrageous affront to His Majesty, God the Father.

What is an Immaculate Conception?

Well, it’s another way of saying “spotless creation” or conceived without original sin. Satan aims to make us doubtful of Mary’s Immaculate Conception because he detests the possibility that God could have created something so spotless and perfect, particularly something that supplanted him as the greatest creation following his fall. Blasphemies against Our Lady are all satanic.

Our Lady is clearly the Ark for the New and Eternal Covenant, Our Lord Jesus Christ. She was created perfect by God so that He Himself could descend from heaven onto earth. If you recall how much painstaking detail and preparation went into the human creation of the old Ark of the Covenant, how majestic it was, you can surmise how magnificent a creation, Our Lady would be as a suitable vessel for Jesus.

It is only possible that the mighty, creative hand of God could accomplish such a task as an Immaculate Conception, which would hold His only begotten Son. This is what Satan and his worldly followers vehemently seek to tarnish. As much as they detest Mary, they despise God and his awe-inspiring power more.

Since they aspire to be gods themselves, they have this hellbent envy over God and His capability of creating things as wonderfully as He chooses. This gnaws at their every demonic fiber (along with the humans they’ve tricked to follow them) since they know they can’t create anything. All their obnoxious tricks and illusions are a mere aping or inversion of what God created.

Hating the Blessed Virgin is a proxy for hating God. It’s a defamation of His greatest creation. Pray for men who fall victim to that sin. Without repentance, they’ll receive nothing but the severest punishments in Hell for eternity.

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