Should Catholics Be “Rad Trad”?

Should Catholics Be “Rad Trad“?

Yes, when you consider the horrible alternatives.

Say what you will about “Latin Mass Rad Trads,” who were basically canceled yesterday. The alternative, mainstream, worldly Novus Ordo Catholicism, is reprehensible. A picture is worth a thousand words. Here are some photos that illustrate how rotten the modernists (the opposite of Rad Trads) are in belief and practice.

1. Eucharistic Dispensers

Ship of Fools: Holy Host Dispenser
Behold the infamous Eucharistic dispensers. These arrived on the scene last year during the COVID paranoia. Somebody thought it was a good idea to place the Most Holy Eucharist into a dispenser, shaped like a phallic object. Somebody is asking to be swallowed up by Hell.

2. Pocket Mama

Pope Francis blesses pagan Pachamama statue in Vatican ...
This thing is ugly as sin. Since it’s a demonic idol, that’s not exactly hyperbole either. In the Old Testament, the various kings were castigated severely for having idols in high places in the Temple. The Rad Trads, meanies that they are, would like for us to forego such a practice . . . so that we don’t incur God’s wrath AGAIN. This problem isn’t going away soon however. Recently, priests in Mexico decided to use the Pocket Mama to furnish the Eucharist.

3. Clown Masses

Eccles is saved: Anglicans and Catholics
This retarded and awful idea didn’t creep up on us over the last month or two. Modernist clergy have facilitated or overlooked Clown Masses for decades now. You can find all kinds of YouTubes as evidence of this trend. Well, it may not be “divisive” like the Latin Mass allegedly is, but it is ridiculous and blasphemous. It’s not a wonder that most atheists believe we’d be just as well to worship a Spaghetti Monster. I think we should become Rad Trads solely to avoid this.

4. Cardinal McCarrick

Cardinal McCarrick - The American Catholic
When you think of the “Spirit of Vatican 2,” what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Well, I think of Uncle Ted. Here’s a guy who followed the modern agenda to a tee . . . at least up until the Vatican got embarrassed into finally stopping his serial pederasty. Nobody takes the Church seriously nowadays, partly because of all the homo priests, nearly all of which operate under the framework of the modern nicety-nice-ety-nice-nice paradigm. Cardinal McCarrick was a lot of things, but he was no Rad Trad.

5. Hideous Modern Architecture

Teaching from the serpent's mouth
This is the Paul VI Audience Hall in Vatican CIty. Yes, it looks like a serpent.
Ugly Churches Win Awards | Catholic News Live
This “sanctuary” looks like an empty college dorm.
The 'Fiery Flying Serpent' from Isaiah 14 Uncovered Inside ...
Here’s another look at the Paul VI Audience Hall. I’m not even sure what those things are. More snakes? Demons? You decide.

6. Face Panties

Masked, distanced priests take part in postponed chrism ...
As I’ve mentioned many times, the modernist Catholics were all on board with face panties, whereas the Rad Trads mostly balked at such stupidity. I can think of nothing more emasculating than a man basically wearing girls’ underwear on his face. It’s even worse when a priest does it. Rad Trad priests who say the Latin Mass might be harder to hear with their backs turned the other way (ad orientem), but at least they don’t muffle their voices with face panties!
With new rules in place, parishes reopen for Masses ...
. . . and, of course, don’t forget about the Eucharistic Monsters Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion. They don’t use a paten like those rigid Rad Trads, but you better believe they stay safe with face panties, face plexiglass, and gloves. “Body of Christ, anybody? Hurry! Take it and get away from me!”

7. Fr. James Martin, SJ

Father James Martin, SJ | What is Lent? - YouTube
He’s asking what it is because he doesn’t know. His religious order, the Jesuits, never participates in “rigid” activities like Lent or reading the scriptures. Otherwise, they wouldn’t make claims like “Jesus didn’t know he was God as a child.” Fr. Martin’s bible doesn’t have any of the stuff about Sodom and Gomorrah because somebody ripped it out as a prank.

8. Catholic Politicians

Nancy Pelosi Mocks AOC in 'Child-Like Voice' - We'll Do It ...
They’re bad. They’re not Rad Trad.
60 Catholic Democrats Urge Bishops to Not Block Joe Biden ...
Very few Catholic politicians seem to be anything but Democrats. Rad Trads, on the other hand, are rarely members of the Communist Party. As I’ve said before, no Catholic should EVER have been a Democrat.

So, there you have it. Those are some fantastic reasons why you should become a Rad Trad, all of which revolve around a common theme: the alternative IS HORRIBLE. It’s not even in the ballpark. Too many modernists wake up every morning, wrap a cord around their arm to get the veins visible, then inject themselves with 300 cc’s of Satan.

You don’t want to do that.

Say “no” to “Bergo!”
Say “no” to modernism
Eliminate the “Spirit” of Vatican 2 from your vocabulary
Never visit Clown Masses and Hideous Snake Buildings
Don’t be a zombie.


  1. michellep12 says:

    Love the page. I am a convert of almost 35 years. Novus ordo. I used to disagree with my SSPX Grandma. emphatically disagree. Then began watching vids by Dr. Taylor Marshall, Fr. Altman, Fr. Isaac Mary Relyea, and others. My eyes have been opened so much to the “Infiltration,” the rot, of what some inside have been doing to Christ’s Catholic Church. So I began going some Sundays to a TLM that’s about 40 miles away in the next county. There are only 2 Catholic parishes in my entire county. Both n.o. and staffed by wonderful Priests.

    I’ve already just finished Baltimore Catechism #1 and have started BC #2. Learned more in book 1 than in RCIA.

    I began looking for a TLM Missal, and wanted one older than 1962. Out of the blue, one of my Church sisters (not a Sister, but we’re all brothers and sisters), gave me an old Missal that she said is older than 1960. She didn’t know of my desire! Christ is at work so much!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Chris Munier says:

      It’s surprisingly hard to find good missals. I find that many rare Catholic books are printed as they’re ordered. I’m glad to hear you’re doing everything you can to seek out traditional Catholicism. Every little bit counts in God’s eyes.


  2. michellep12 says:

    p.s. your link to clown masses does not work. Can you fix it please? Many thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Chris Munier says:

      Thanks for showing me that. I swapped it out for a different one (sadly, there are more than one).


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