Global Tyrants Keep Assassinating Anti-Vaccine Presidents

World leaders do not always get assassinated . . .
. . . but when they do, it always coincides with them not cooperating with the Global Tyrants and their Empire of COVID.

Well, at least lately, that’s the case. Haiti, Tanzania, and Burundi have all recently experienced an assassination of their heads of state. Each of these presidents opposed vaccines and/or lockdowns, and they paid with their lives.

So, friends, ask yourselves . . . is this okay?
Why would a legitimate regime or legitimate authorities (as the Davos crowd fashions themselves) need to KILL its opponents?
If the truth speaks for itself, why would opposition have to be censored, controlled, manipulated, and even destroyed?

Red Pill: the whole COVID nightmare has had nothing to do with epidemiology, but rather everything to do with totalitarianism. Totalitarians are, of course, not beyond the use of MURDER to accomplish their agendas.

I saw this coming from the start. I don’t fault if you if you did not understand it at first, but I earnestly hope you are getting it now. We cannot afford to ignore this murderous regime (the Gates, Faucis, Soros, Schwabs, et al. of the world) any longer. Pray, take action, prepare accordingly. Don’t panic, but recognize what’s really happening in the world.

Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, ora pro nobis.

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