Cleaner Beer Might Help You A Lot

I previously told you how awful foods, including cheap beer, have an enormous impact on your health. I want to convey some personal anecdotes about the beer aspect a little more, and share with you some recent experiences.

Drink Less, Drink Better, Drink Cleaner

I ultimately believe that the best thing you can probably do for your kidneys, gut health, liver, and entire digestive function is ditch alcohol. It’s likely more harm than good. However, God calls most of us to approach this substance (the same one He used to transform into His Precious Blood) with temperance rather than teetotaling.

I’ve found that the formula of drinking less beer, drinking more premium beer, and drinking cleaner (GMO-free) beer has given me steady improvements in my own health. Here are some things I’ve noticed since adopting this approach:

  • No semblance of a hangover because I don’t bog down my digestive system with all that crummy corn that the cheaper American beers use.
  • Beer is less likely to leave me feeling ackwardly full or satiated.
  • Beer is less likely to leave me anxious about pushing the test and slipping into drunkenness.
  • I feel way more in control of the drinking experience.

What Did I Do Specifically?

I set some serious boundaries with alcohol. First of all, I don’t drink during the week unless somebody invites me (which happens maybe once a month, if even that). Secondly, I drink either on Saturday or Sunday (NOT both). Third, drinking MUST abate no less than an hour before bed since it always disrupts my sleep. Last, I only drink beers that are imported or I have a good idea they were made without the GMO garbage.

Spencer, the new American Trappist - Belgian Beer Specialist
Consider drinking good beer like this one made by the Spencer Trappists.

These rules of the road helped a ton. I haven’t had any issues with bad sleep, poor digestion, or anxiety about drinking too much. If you are seeking to develop a more temperate approach to drinking, don’t want to fill your body with corporatized, filthy food/drink, then I recommend doing things like this.

Deus vult! Enjoy the festive Advent and Christmas seasons. Enjoy drinking the way God intended it, not as gluttonous slaves to our passions and appetites.

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