Religious Groups & Medical Common Sense

Yes, we have to visit the abortion issue. Yes, it matters more than other trivial health, social, and political concerns. Yes, we have clear evidence that some religious groups (if you can still call them that) are clearly bonkers are on basic fundamentals of biology. Either that or death, murder, misery, and moral depravity are fine in their books.

Of course, I could devote plenty of time to the supposed need to be a biologist to distinguish male from female. I’ll relent to comment on that, since it’s run its course by now.

Instead, how about this survey research that Yahoo (generally fake news) published about religious groups and abortion. I’ll parse out the interesting parts.

Here goes:

  • Mainline Protestants – 33% oppose abortion
  • Evangelical Protestants – 63% oppose abortion
  • American Jews – 17% oppose abortion
  • American Muslims – 45% oppose abortion
  • American Catholics – 42% oppose abortion (this excommunicates the other 58%)
  • Jehova’s Witnesses – 75% oppose abortion
  • Mormon’s – 70% oppose abortion
  • Overall Americans – 49% believe it should be legal

I think we can see what’s going on here (though I had to clean up that messy Yahoo article). Only the more conservative religious groups take the fundamental right to life (beginning at conception) seriously. In fact, you can tell from these numbers that some of these religious groups are a farce insofar as they don’t even believe in their own doctrine.

Here’s a translation of what those stats really mean:

  • Jews haven’t been practicing their faith for eons, and have forgotten all the basic stuff from Genesis (or they just identify with the “Jewish Culture”).
  • Mormons and Jehova’s Witnesses – although their theology is completely bizarre, they can at least get the rudimentary aspects right.
  • Muslims – some behave well, but the faith of “put all infidels to the sword” doesn’t have the warmest relationship with the unborn.
  • Evangelicals are consistent and steady on this issue. We have our disagreements, but these guys don’t occupy the loony bin at least.
  • Mainline Protestants went lefty a long time ago. Just as it was for Martin Luther, hard teachings like “don’t kill the unborn,” are too difficult to follow. Therefore, they opted for the easy mode outside of the one, true Church. Not surprisingly, their numbers are dwindling rapidly.
  • Catholics are basket cases, who, like Jews, have a strong propensity for loving the cultural aspects of the faith, but most lack the faintest clue about Church doctrine. This is a sad referendum on the way they approach virtually every other tenet of Church teaching as well.

So, there you have it. Meditate on these numbers a bit, folks. I know these aren’t completely novel. You’ve probably seen similar figures already. They are, however, an indicator of how most Americans have dropped religion in favor of political ideology (a new religion essentially).

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